Alumni Profile: Isaac Renson Ayoyi

In 2006, Isaac Renson Ayoyi completed his Business Studies ICM Advanced Diploma at Kenya’s East Africa School of Management; just one in a string of impressive professional qualifications and experience.


Today, Isaac works as a supply chain and strategic management specialist, and is highly skilled in public procurement and strategic management training, needs assessment, procurement planning, strategic planning, establishing priorities and delegating tasks, motivating teams to reach their best, and following through to ensure success.


“I have more than┬áten years experience in Public procurement, training, development and delivery, motivation and team building/leadership, general and technical project management, product marketing and management, negotiation, and mediation,” he explains.


Such experience includes participation in the establishment of the YAGBO campaign (Youth Access To Government Procurement Opportunities) across Kenya and the formulation of procurement policy for Kajiado county Government; to name just two.


Isaac also considers himself a “dynamic speaker, trainer and presenter, skilled in employing clarity and innovation to deliver effective presentations to diverse audiences at all organizational levels. I am also an analytical problem solver,” he says.


“My values are honesty, sincerity, service and transparency; which have helped me to support good interpersonal relations and to enrich furthermore my personal and professional life.


“My ICM course acted as the foundation of my academic and career success. For instance, my admission into an Moi University undergraduate course was made possible by the certification from ICM.


“During my undergraduate studies, I had an easy time as well as a competitive advantage over my class mates since most of what the course covered was just a revision of what I had learned in the ICM programme. I am proud to be a member of ICM,” he explains.


“My passion is to become a PhD holder and I hope to become a globally astute, confident Supply chain management professional attuned to the changing needs of business soon.”


Find out more about ICM’s Business Studies courses here.


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