Alumni Profile: Kennedy Okoth Oloo

Since graduating from ICM’s Purchasing and Supply Management Diploma in 2010, Kennedy Okoth Oloo has gone from strength to strength, achieving further academic achievements and promotions, and is now a shining light in the industry. We take a closer look at his journey…


Kennedy Okoth Oloo successfully completed his Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Management from Kenya’s Kisumu Polytechnic in 2010. Wasting no time in his quest for professional progression, Kennedy quickly enrolled and excelled in his Advanced Diploma.


Upon graduation, Kennedy swiftly gained employment with Kenya’s Electoral Body; the IECB, as First Belgut Constituency Logistics Assistant, where he helped oversee 150 election centres, ordering election materials from the country’s central store and distributing them regionally. Despite enjoying this role, Kennedy progressed professionally by securing the role of Store Clerk with a Finlay Company, Lyd-Kericho Kenya.


“I was given this role because of the brilliant skills I acquired with ICM; including a sense of accountability. I was in charge of timber stock worth over 20 million Kenyan shillings,” he explains.


Kennedy wasted no time seeking further progression, and in August 2015 was promoted internally.


“The very same year – on December 21st – I was again promoted and transferred to the new James Finlays Company at Rapid Kate Logistics centre in Nairobi as Items Receiving Clerk.”


Kennedy assigns his success to the sense of responsibility and dedication that ICM impressed upon him. He is currently in the process of registering for an Associate Degree with ICM.


“I hope and pray hard that one day ICM will offer Bachelor Degree programmes and help save the globe’s huge population from ignorance and illiteracy. In particular by helping students from Sub-Saharan Africa to get degrees without travel expenses,” Kennedy said.


“I urge anyone reading this article to join ICM in order to venture into your bright future and careers. Believe me you will never regret doing so; in fact, you will have a story to tell to the whole universe,” he added.


“Having an ICM qualification makes you distinct from the rest because of its quality and trustworthiness.”


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