Alumni Profile: Peter Nyakundi Ongera

Peter Nyakundi Ongera was awarded the ICM Single Subject Diploma in Public Relations in July 1998, and has since undertaken many projects in social development, entrepreneurship, democracy and good governance with remarkable success and achievement.


“I decided to pursue Public Relations with the Institute for Commercial Management (ICM) of United Kingdom (UK) because I felt my freelance work as a journalist, youth counsellor/activist and undergraduate studies in philosophy and sociology needed blending,” he explained.


“PR training empowered me to sensitize youth in Kenyan schools, colleges and universities by fostering the exchange of ideas and views, highlighting youth issues, informing exemplary youth programmes and policies and heightening public awareness on youth needs and potential through the Youth Information Education and Information(YIEC) Network, UNESCO club. In 2000, I  also helped produce a film on the ills of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).”


“It became easier, as a freelance writer, to get published in Kenyan and international media with the qualification. I now contribute to a number of national and international press.”


In 2011, Peter edited Africa – The Enslaved Continent, an e-book that challenges Africans to produce and consume African goods and services to avoid being enslaved.


“In a nutshell, my training and experience in PR have enhanced and developed my ambition, leadership potential, initiative and ability to analyse co-operate, communicate, resolve conflicts, train, delegate, motivate, inspire, empower, shape one’s thinking and put commitment into action,” he says.

“As an accomplished social entrepreneur and consultant, I highly recommend ICM for its high quality education, training and testing.”


If you are interested in studying Public Relations with ICM like Peter, please click here.


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