Centre Profile: Axiom College of Technology

Meet Adetola Sogbesan, President of Axiom College of Technology, Nigeria; one of ICM’s newly approved centres, whose motto ‘Nil satis nisi’, or ‘Nothing but the best is good enough’ provides an insight into the quality of the college’s facilities and courses…


president.fwThe ACT Management School – a faculty of Axiom College of Technology – which runs ICM programmes, is aiming to become one of the best management schools in this part of the world.


Nigeria as a country is one of the most populous in the world, and most of the citizens are blessed with a penchant for knowledge acquisition, covering almost every sphere of endeavours. 


Unfortunately, for various reasons over the years, standards of education in this country seem to have fallen fast; so much so, that interested students now seek alternatives almost everywhere else across the globe. Especially where there are low costs.


The good thing about ICM is that it is an affordable, quality solution for potential Nigerian students to gain admission into partnering universities, or into employment, without having to leave.


At this critical period in our development in Nigeria, we need more than mere academic efforts for growth; we need the application of theories, through vocational teaching which actually prepares people for the work-place. This is what ICM offers, and we are glad to be part of it.


Modern learning is sensitive to a conducive learning environment; rigorous preparation, good class structures and time-management, and a resourceful faculty all matter when providing a successful education, which is why we have worked to provide all of these resources at Axiom College of Technology and ACT Management School. We keep class numbers to a minimum and ensure that work experience and professional qualifications are prioritised aswell as academic certifications in our faculties. 


Our most frequent enquiries come from corporate organisations like Airtel, CBN, NNPC, Nicon Insurance and a host of other private sector and public institutions. We also have a special programme serving National Youth Service Corp members who take advantage of the opportunity to equip themselves with professional qualifications which will aid their job search – this is especially popular since ICM is an internationally recognised examination body. We also meet with some private secondary schools where direct entry pathways are arranged for graduating, senior secondary students. 


We welcome enquiries from prospective students and are always available to assist people in their next step.


To find out about your closest teaching centre click here. Some ICM approved teaching centres specialise in particular subject areas and not all ICM Centres will necessarily offer tuition for every ICM course programme. Please contact the centre directly to confirm course status.


  1. Abdulazeez Tunbosun says:

    Lovely Adetola Sogbesan, a brother and mentor. This is a good development. May God strengthen the effort and may it be if benefit to our youth. Axiom!

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