Out of Africa

Earlier this month, four of our wonderful country co-ordinators travelled all the way to our HQ in Ringwood from Swaziland, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Ghana respectively, for a week of training,  ‘team bonding’, local history and culinary adventures!


Isaac Dladla, Oladapo Babjide, Lovemore Lovejoy Ganyata and Ephraim Denteh who stayed at The Original White Hart Inn, Ringwood, spent the first three days of their visit getting to know the UK based ICM staff members and directors through a series of meetings within the different departments.


“My recent visit to ICM House was a memorable experience,” Oladapo Babjide noted.


“I was thrilled with the excellent teams, the cultured individuals and exemplary leadership style.”


Before long, however, the visitors were heading out to explore the stunning Purbeck Isle with Deputy Chairman Adair Somerville-Ford and team members  Karen Burcher, Anne Machlachlan and Wessex History Tours co-ordinator Sally Bowers.



The trip, which was led with an informative and entertaining commentary from Sally, took the visitors across the Sandbanks’ Shell Bay by ferry, to the medieval Corfe Castle, around the beautiful and quintessentially English village of Worth Matravers before a much needed burger pit-stop and cider-sampling-session at the Scott Arms pub.


The afternoon was kicked off by a private tour around the beautiful seventeenth century Lulworth Castle – which was destroyed by a fire in the 1920s – before the troops headed back to Sandbanks Beach for a wind-swept walk.


Lulworth Castle


“They were such a lovely group and I do hope they enjoyed the rest of their visit to England,” said Castle Custodian and tour guide Louisa Clarke.


“It’s very humbling meeting and speaking to people who see such poverty and I hope they are able to achieve what they set out to do when they came over here.”


Isaac Dladla, ICM’s country co-ordinator for Swaziland said of his visit:


“I’m amazed at the hospitality and welcoming mood we all found at the ICM Head office. They did a good job in ensuring that we came back to Africa with significant pot-bellies!


“Hundreds of men and women across the globe have earned their respect through ICM and more are still being emancipated in sub-saharan Africa. Thank you ICM for opening the doors to Swazi youth!”



“We hired the four team members recently to represent us in their home markets and brought them to the UK for training”, said Deputy Chairman Adair.


“The knowledge and information they gained from their time with us will be of great benefit to Students and Teaching Centres and I am sure their experience of the British countryside will remain with them forever.”


Please click for more information about the Wessex History Tours and ICM.


  1. Yakubu Iddris says:

    What a memorable trip,i wish i was included.Am so proud to be an ICM member(student) in Ghana.I hop one day i wil know De HQ.

  2. I am proud of the good works ICM is doing all around the world. The hope, the smile, the joy, the experience people across the globe acquire going through ICM. God bless ICM,God bless ICM Nigeria and God bless our Nigeria Coordinator. Mr Babajide Oladapo. The first day he spoke and unveiled details of ICM in my presence , I concluded that ICM will add value to many of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria to be global relevant.

  3. Cyril Aghedo says:

    It is a welcome developement and great benefit for Nigerians with the
    etablishement of ICM in Nigeria.I attended one of the seminars
    initiated by the cordinator here in Nigeria and I have a strong feeling that the cordinator(Oladapo Babajide)has what it takes to move ICM to grater heights.

  4. Sholabomi Olushola says:

    This is wonderful!!!!! God will continue to work with you, I pray ICM will be fully rooted in Nigeria. God bless you.

  5. patricia says:

    Very Nice…………
    Lovely………….This is a great idea and an incredible way to encourage coordinators , I personally tagged ICM as “Education made easy” in Nigeria

  6. AFOLABI SAFYU says:

    I wish i was part of this trip.Am so proud to be an ICM member(student) in Ghana.I hop one day i will work with you

  7. Ombia Ewomba says:

    That’s so greatttttttttttt!!!!!!!
    As a former ICM student in Ghana,I am so proud to see your constant efforts to bridge nations through Education.
    I also hope that ICM will extend its span of actions to the francophones countries(for eg. Gabon my homeland),since most of Us are becoming bilinguals…..:)

  8. Mthandazo Ngwenya says:

    Thats great News!

  9. Am proud to be a student of INSTITUTE OF COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT(ICM)in GHANA,with my faith i do believe that some day i will be there.

  10. Apart from ICM quality of learning which is currently shaping my career for better, one thing l cherished so much is their effective communication with students, good relationship capacity and timely response to students request. ICM; keep up with the good work you are doing.

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